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Who owns Loxton Retirement Village?

District Council of Loxton Waikerie owns Loxton Retirement Village and is the Administering Authority.

Loxton Retirement Village is managed as a “resident-funded Licence to Occupy” scheme and is regulated under South Australia Retirement Villages Act 2016 and South Australia Retirement Village Regulations 2017.

Loxton Retirement Village is classified as independent living and the accommodation is sometimes referred to as ILU - Independent Living Unit.

We welcome residents who are 55 years and over, retired from full-time work and able to live independently.

A Retirement Village Committee recommends long term financial management plans, and reports to Council. An Administration Officer manages day to day operations, provides support to residents and assists new residents with transition to retirement living.

What is an independent living unit?

Independent living units are designed for people who require little or no assistance with daily activities but want to enjoy the benefits and security of living in a retirement community.

Are there legal documents I will need to sign?

You will need to sign a Residence Contract.

The Contract will be countersigned by the Mayor and CEO of District Council of Loxton Waikerie and one signed original copy of the Contracts will be provided to you.

What is the Residence Contract?

The Residence Contract describes the rights and responsibilities of both the resident and the Administration Authority.

What is the Refundable Premium?

When you leave the village, a percentage of the market value of your unit will be retained by council and you (or your estate) will receive the remaining balance.

The percentages are calculated on the time you have spent living in the Village.

Refundable premium to be received by resident:

Up to 3 months........................Full refund
3 months - 24 months.............90% of valuation
24 months - 36 months...........80% of valuation
Over 36 months......................70% of valuation

Percentages are subject to review and may change in the future, but will not affect existing contracts.

Should I seek independent legal and financial advice?

We recognise that moving into a retirement village can be a stressful time, especially as you consider the legal and financial aspects of the contracts. It is very important that you fully understand what you are signing.

You can be assured that your rights are protected under the South Australia Retirement Villages Act2016

We are happy to discuss the contracts with you as often as you need and explain any matters that are causing concern.

Blank copies of all contracts will be provided to you before you make a final commitment and we strongly recommend and encourage you to discuss the contracts and any financial implications with your family. We also recommend that you seek independent legal advice to reassure you that your decision is right for you and your circumstances.

Do I own my unit?

You do not 'own' your unit in the same way that you own a property when you enter into a real estate contract. You are purchasing the right to reside and use the home, rather than buying the title of the home.

The unit remains the property of District Council of Loxton Waikerie and council is responsible for the maintenance, building insurance and management of the property.

Can I make changes to my unit?

We understand that this may be the final home you live in and recognise that you will want it to be “just right”.

To assist in maintaining the high standard of our units we are happy to discuss changes you would like made to your unit before you move in and work together with you to ensure you have a home to be proud of. Some residents have upgraded kitchens and wet areas, upgraded flooring, converted garages to living areas and installed solar panels (at their expense).

Upgrade work is able to commence once approval is granted.

Are there ongoing costs?

A fortnightly fee (Maintenance Fee) covers all annual expenses for the maintenance and administration of the Village, with the exception of general household expenses including electricity and telephone/internet costs.

The fee is reviewed annually.

What costs are covered in the Maintenance Fee?

The Maintenance Fee includes all costs for council rates, water rates, NRM levy, building insurance, contents insurance (to the value of $36500), administration costs, maintenance contractors including plumbers, electricians and termite inspections.

To assist in maintaining the high standard of our units 15% of the maintenance fee is transferred to the Refurbishment Account monthly.

What is the Refurbishment Account?

The Refurbishment Account is the fund established for ongoing refurbishment, major maintenance and replacement expenses. This fund ensures there is sufficient funds available for such expenses.

What if I have to sell my home first?

We understand that in many cases people will need to sell their current home in order to fund their entry into the Village. Refurbishment of vacant units to our approved standard generally takes between 4 – 8 weeks and on completion of the refurbishment the “refundable premium” payment is due.

If your house has not sold by that time, there are a number of options available which we will discuss with you.

What if I change my mind?

You may change your mind at any time and leave the Village. Written notification should be provided to the Administration Officer on a Notice to Vacate form (available from the office).

Is there a waiting list?

Due to the popularity of Loxton Retirement Village we encourage you to apply early if considering a lifestyle change to retirement village life.

You will be asked to specify which Courts you are interested in. This will limit the range of offers you will receive. If you indicate no preferences your chance of offers will increase. . We will offer you an appropriate unit matching your preferences when available.

Our waiting list is managed in order of the applications received. However there is no obligation to accept an offer if you do not feel ready to move and your position on the list will not be changed if you decline an offer.

Your preferences may be amended anytime by contacting the Administration Officer.

Is there a Residents Committee?

The Residents Committee meets regularly to discuss matters occurring in the Village, provides opportunity for residents’ feedback and is a means of communication between residents and the Administration Officer. The Administration Officer may be invited to attend for part of the meetings.

Committee representatives are elected in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Residents. You are encouraged and welcome to stand for membership.

Am I allowed to plant in common garden areas?

We recognise that many people are keen gardeners and would like to continue this past-time in their new home. You are welcome to discuss establishing a raised planter (at your expense) with the administration Officer. Raised planters will generally be located at the rear of your unit on common ground. When you are no longer able to maintain the garden it will be your responsibility to remove it.

Planting and maintenance of common garden areas is the responsibility of the Village.

Can I bring my caravan, RV or a second car?

Loxton Retirement Village has a limited number of outdoor spaces available for caravan and RV storage in a fenced area. Most units have undercover space for at least one car.

There are a number of well-priced self-storage facilities in both Loxton and other Riverland towns.

Are pets allowed?

A bird in a cage and a desexed cat with a bell collar and kept indoors at night, are permitted.

Can family visit and stay?

Yes! This is your home and your family and friends are welcome to visit and stay for short periods. Our units are spacious enough for entertaining and all residents have access to a BBQ and gazebo in their Court and are welcome to share these facilities with their family and friends.

Can I sublet my unit?

You are not permitted to sublet your unit.

Can I stay if my partner needs to move to higher level of care?

Yes, of course, you may remain in your unit - under the terms of the Licence to Occupy both residents have the right to reside in the Village for as long as they want or need.

What happens when I leave?

When you inform us of your intention to leave (by submitting a Notice to Vacate form), you become entitled to a repayment on the refundable premium you paid for your licence. The repayment amount will vary depending on the length of time that you resided in the property and will be clearly outlined in your contract.

An independent valuation of your unit will be prepared and the market value will set the base for the repayment.

Your Maintenance Fee will cease when vacant possession is handed back to us.

Repayment of the loan (as specified in the Loan Agreement) is made when a new Licence to Occupy is issued or when 6 months has elapsed – whichever occurs first.

Use of gazebos/BBQ

All residents have access to the BBQ and gazebo in their Court and are welcome to use them.

How far to the main street?

The main street, East Terrace, is approximately 1km from most units.


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